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Bathroom Vanity Installation Reno

If you decided to remodel your bathroom or even add a new bathroom for your house, you would want it to look gorgeous. With different types of bathroom vanities to choose from, you would like to get the vanity that would function well, plus increase your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. Selecting the bathroom vanity might take you a lot of time, and once you have decided, the next problem you would have to deal with is its installation. You do not want to just put it wherever because the goal is to make your bathroom look beautiful. In this case, it is best for you if you hire our professionals at Bathroom Vanity Installation. 

The Main Types Of Vanity
Our handyman has been in the industry for a very long time and is familiar with the different types of bathroom vanity. There are mainly five types of it, and of course, they have additional features that can enhance your bathroom. Choosing one may be tricky; that is why our experts at Bathroom Vanity Installation are here to help you out so you could select the vanity that would benefit your bathroom more.

Pedestal Sink. It is commonly known as a free-standing sink. It does not have any storage function because it is just a sink with faucets. The best thing about this is that it does not need to be installed on the wall. Our professionals can attach them on the floor instead of giving it a sturdier feel and not shaking while using it.

Wall Mounted/Floating. As the name suggests, it is attached to the wall and does not have a base attached to the floor. It has cabinets for storage purposes. And you can use the space underneath to place your bathroom slippers or any bathroom supplies that are fine to be on the floor.

Vessel. This type is commonly found in fancy restaurants. The sink is similar to a bowl, and it is placed on top of the vanity. It would look like there is a bowl resin attached to the top and a faucet directed to it. If you want your bathroom to look fancy, this is definitely one of your options. Plus, it also has enough storage below where you can put your supplies.

Under-mounted Sink. Its sink is different from the vessel type. The sink is directly attached to the vanity. This means that you would find some piping system in the storage area. Sometimes, small risers are connected to the floor, giving it an open space underneath. You can use that space for things that are not too sensitive for the bathroom floor.

Vanity Cabinet. This is the most typical bathroom vanity of all. With its classic look, this vanity is sure to give beauty to any type of bathroom because it is versatile. It has pull-out drawers and cabinets to provide you with enough storage for your bathroom essentials.

The cabinets that come with the bathroom vanity might not be enough for your storage needs, so you would probably purchase an additional cabinet. But no need to worry about the installation because we have handymen experts at Cabinet Installation Reno. Not only are they efficient in installing bathroom cabinets, but they also offer effective cabinet repair to bring back your function.

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If you want effective and the best installation services for your bathroom vanity, contact our professional handymen at Bathroom Vanity Installation Reno right away. We will install the vanity precisely to the place you want it to be. We will also suggest any tips if we think that necessary adjustments would make it look better.